Lots of good ideas never end up happening...

Let's not have that happen to yours.

Seeking and creating projects that are:

Leveraging technology and human ingenuity and...

Past, Present and Future

I work in healthcare at the moment, but I'm endlessly curious how to make people's experiences with technology productive and high quality. Since I wrote my first HTML for $20 to get a guy's photo up on eBay almost 20 years ago I have been amazed by what people can pull together when value and qualtity of experience are at the forefront.

Future: Arduino Education

Arduino classes for kids 8-12 years old.

Present: Raspberry Pi Jams

Currently hosting periodic Jams!
See the STL Raspberry Pi Meetup for more info.

Future: Deck Source

What deck should I build for the Pokemon TCG? Building a resource for newbies and pros to research and share deck ideas.

Past: Self-Compassion Test

Use this tool I created to assess your own self compassion. Stores your results so you can track your progress!

Past: Pisense for Your Home

Check the temperature and humidity of your house online with a Raspberry Pi!

Present: Website Development

Scoot down to the contacts section and tell me how I can help get you on the web!

Present: Herobrine Hunters

Indulge in the legend of Herobrine in a collaborative website made by father and son.

Present: Multiplication Master

A simple javascript-driven page to help you master your multiplication tables.

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